Sergii Bortnyk took part at the webinar on synodality and unity in the global Church


On January 21., 2022 a webinar “Synodality in the Catholic Church and the endangered unity of the Orthodox Church” took place in Zoom platform with an opportunity to watch this in youtube. The webinar was organized by the “Center of ecumenical, missiological and environmental studies” which is directed by Prof. Petros Vassiliadis from Thessaloniki.
Among the themes there were the following: “Models of an authentic ecclesiological organization of the Church of Christ”, “Primacy, conciliarity, autocephaly and the negative identity in some Orthodox circles” and others. One of the urgent themes was situation in the World Orthodoxy in the context of geopolitical involvement of the local Churches and their confrontation because of the situation in Ukraine.
Sergii Bortnyk answered on several questions on his vision of the last decisions of the Russian Church on establishing its Exarchates in Africa, on his understanding of synodality on different levels of the Church existence etc.
There were also participants from Greece, Italy, the USA, Romania, Kenya and some other countries. Rev. Ihor Shaban and Rev. Andriy Dudchenko represented other Churches of Ukraine.
It is possible to follow the webinar on the page of CEMES