With assistance of the Foundation the Almanac of Latin Patristics was published


In early November, the book “Almanac of Latin Patristics” was published in Kyiv. It includes translations of Latin texts of holy fathers and Christian writers of the 4th and 5th centuries. The book presents selected exegetical and theological works of the authors of the golden age of patristics — the treatises of Rufinus of Aquileia, Gaius Marius Victorinus, Ambrose of Milan and Augustine of Hippo. 

The initiative of the publication came from the Department of Ancient Languages ​​and Philology of the Kyiv Theological Academy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, headed by Oleksandr Levko. Significant financial support for the publication was provided by the German Foundation “Renovabis”. The Foundation “Academic Initiative”, headed by Sergii Bortnyk, provided organizational support for the publication.