Critique of Personalism in Modern Theology: Jean-Claude Larchet


Jean-Claude Larchet is a well-known Orthodox French-speaking theologian of our time. For the Ukrainian-speaking or Russian-speaking readers, he is better known for his works on mental illness and healing, but in general he is the author of quite a lot of works in theology as well.

His book “Person and Nature. Orthodox critique of the personalist theories of Christos Yannaras and John Zizioulas” was recently published in Russian. Its original French title was «Personne et nature. La Trinité – Le Christ – L’homme. Paris: Cerf, 2011». It is an attempt to critically consider the influence of personalist ideas on Orthodox theology.

A review of Sergii Bortnyk on this book was published in the journal “Trudy KDA” (“Proceedings of the Kyiv Theological Academy”), which you can read here in Russian.