A series of programs on the theology of Metropolitan John Zizioulas based on the book of Sergii Bortnyk is open to the public


In agreement with Sergii Bortnyk, during the first months of 2021, Archpriest Andrii Shymanovych prepared a series of programs on the theology of Metropolitan John Zizioulas. Gradually, from February 21 to March 28, 2021 these programs were broadcast in six parts on the YouTube channel “Pro vichne” (“about the Eternal”). They are based on the analysis of the works of this prominent Greek theologian set out in the book of Sergii
Bortnyk “Communion and person. Theology of John Zizioulas in systematic consideration”.
The book itself, which formed the basis of the series of the programs, was
originally written in German as doctoral dissertation of Sergii Bortnyk at the University of Heidelberg (Germany). In 2013, it was successfully defended at the theological faculty of this university, and in September 2017 its Russian translation was published in Kyiv.
This series of programs is the first detailed description of the ideas of the
mentioned book in Ukrainian language. In the following we give links to the relevant parts of the cycle on the YouTube channel.

Part 1/6 – program #провічне №90, from February 21, 2021
https://www.youtube.com/watch?fbclid=IwAR3z0u2CZCtlyKU3h8nJTmfAKC5zutzyTfDZ e48i-uGayiRZdQjpV4Ey_8U&v=U5gA1BwA3wQ&feature=youtu.be

Part 2/6 – program #провічне №91, from February 28, 2021

Part 3/6 – program #провічне №92, from March 07, 2021

Part 4/6 – program #провічне №93, from March 14, 2021
https://www.youtube.com/watch?fbclid=IwAR2vvGYEkn21UJaLx0w8vOruHT8873whtw3 OTuypTvzMfYzUkLYNMA_ZY9o&v=AqF2WxIpqKc&feature=youtu.be

Part 5/6 – program #провічне №94, from March 21, 2021

Part 6/6 – program #провічне №95, from March 28, 2021
https://www.youtube.com/watch?fbclid=IwAR1Y6vv7V0S7zv3rnQBx2HCOpsNsl3jjfmjNz GK1_aFZPWVLTEu8s5Q4fwA&v=oZj7miggNwY&feature=youtu.be