Sergii Bortnyk spoke at an international webinar, dedicated to nationalism and populism


On February 18., 2021, a ZOOM webinar was held on the topic “Ultra-nationalist Neo-Populism in Europe”. The seminar was organized by the Office for Middle East and Europe of the “Presbyterian World Mission”. In addition to Sergii Bortnyk, there were two other speakers: Debora Spini, who currently teaches at New York University Shanghai, and Michael Jablonski, senior pastor of the Reformed Church in Poland (Warsaw). 

In his speech, Sergii Bortnyk immediately stressed that the situation in Ukraine is not so acute as to use the term “ultra-nationalism”. Nevertheless he outlined the peculiarities of the national question in Ukraine and the factors of the imperial policy of the neighbor-states. The speaker from Ukraine also touched upon some legislative initiatives of the Ukrainian parliament in the language and religious spheres. 

The webinar was held in English. Below you can read the written version of Sergii Bortnyk’s speech.