Announcement of the book “Strategies of Reconciliation. The Role of Churches in Ukraine”


Dear readers,

By the end of December 2020, we plan the publication of the book “Strategies of Reconciliation. The Role of the Churches in Ukraine”(editor ‒ Sergii Bortnyk). It is based on the materials of the same title’s conference, which took place in October 2018 in Kyiv. Its materials (in Ukrainian, Russian and English) are posted on our website. At the conference there were reports of the experts from Germany, Poland and Ukraine. As a whole, the participants included representatives of 50 Churches and various organizations from Ukraine and abroad.

The second part of the book contains reports and articles of Sergii Bortnyk on the current church issues, which he prepared for conferences and other events in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Ukraine. These materials have the following titles:

  • “Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the issues of autocephaly”
  • “Dual identity of the Ukrainian Orthodoxy”
  • “Crisis in the Ukrainian Orthodoxy: Causes and Current Situation”
  • “History of the Kyivan Church Study Group”
  • “Ukrainian Churches and the Call for Christian Unity”
  • “Civic religion as a temptation for the public openness of the Church”

Some of these texts are also posted on our website. You can buy the book in a printed form through writing on the mail: