Probable eviction of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church’ structures from the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra


On March 10, the National Historical and Cultural Reserve “Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra” sent a “warning” to the monastery with the same name about the imminent termination of the lease contract for the buildings of the Lower Lavra. This decision concerns not only the monastery, but also the Kyiv Metropolitan Office, Synodal departments and the Kyiv Theological Academy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. This news attracted international publicity. In particular, at the request of some Western Christian institutions, Sergii Bortnyk explained his vision on this matter. Two links are particularly relevant in this regard:

  1. The text published on the website of the News Service “Eastern Churches” (Nachrichtendienst Östliche Kirchen) – “Not a conflict over illegal construction, but an attempt to put pressure on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church” (originally in German “Kein Konflikt um illegal errichtete Gebäude, sondern staatlicher Druckversuch auf die UOK”) and
  2. Interview for the you-tube channel “Urbi et orbi Communications” with the title “Dispute about the Kyiv Lavra” (in English),

There are some other relevant texts for understanding on this matter. This is “Open address of the rector of the Kyiv Theological Academy”

On the website of the Academy there are also video messages from representatives of the administration and teachers of the Academy in various languages: