The Austrian “Pro Oriente” Foundation has extended its consultant status for Sergii Bortnyk


At the end of 2021, in accordance with the decision of the Board of trustees of the Foundation “Pro Oriente” Sergii Bortnyk extended his mandate of the consultant of this Foundation for the next four years. The decision was approved by Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, Archbishop of Vienna, who is the chairman of the Board of trustees.

Nowadays, in the list of the Foundation’s consultants there are 34 persons. Ten of them are Orthodox and represent five local churches of the Byzantine rite (Constantinople, Antiochian, Russian, Serbian and Romanian), as well as the Armenian Apostolic Church, which belongs to the non-Chalcedonian churches. Sergii Bortnyk is the only consultant of the Foundation from Ukraine. Prior to receiving the status of the Foundation’s consultant in 2017, he was a member of the Commission of Young Orthodox and Catholic Theologians, which existed on the initiative and with the support of the Foundation.